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Hello writers, artists, and beta-readers!

I'll be honest with you: I'm a little burned out on running the pokémon big bang. Besides, doing the same thing all the time gets boring, so I'm proposing we change things up a bit!

There are three options.

One is that we have a mini-bang, which is exactly the same as a normal big bang, except the word minimum is only 3k.

The second option, which I'm most interested in doing personally, is a reverse mini-bangartists are the main creative force behind the fanwork team. They create art, which is then posted anonymously. The art is picked up by a writer (who may have a beta-reader working with them), and then create a fic of at least 3,000 words to accompany the art piece. Artists are revealed when the fics are posted.

The third option is that we run a big bang as per normal, although as stated before, I'm not exactly enthusiastic about this idea. If we did, I'd need to find a very, very reliable mod-person who would be okay with shouldering a large amount of the work, and I'm not sure any of you want to do that. :/

I should also say that no matter what we do this year, we'll probably go back to a normal big bang next year, unless people feel strongly otherwise.

Anyway, here's a poll!

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 21

What shape would you like pokemon big bang 2013 to take?

View Answers

Mini-bang! (Same format, but only 3k)
3 (14.3%)

Reverse mini-bang! (Art created first, writers pick up pieces and write for them after, 3k)
17 (81.0%)

Normal big bang! (Same as above, but 10k instead of 3k)
1 (4.8%)

I have another idea. (Please discuss in comments!)
0 (0.0%)

Feel free to discuss in the comments as well, and PLEASE share this post and its poll with anyone you know who is interested in the big bang—the more voices the better, in my opinion. Thank you to everyone who votes!
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Pokémon Big Bang Round Two is officially over!

Totals )

Talkback )
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Title: Non-Fraternization Policy
Author: fugthimble
Final Tally: ~24k words, WIP
Verse: Games (RSE; GEN III)
Characters/Pairings: Steven Stone/Flannery, very peripheral Wallace/Winona
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: Steven and Flannery are sent to infiltrate the Teams that are spreading havoc through Hoenn, but promptly stop their mission once they realize their time is running out.
Notes: I'm not used to writing in past tense so this is probably full of mistakes?? I'd love if anyone could point them out to me and tell me how to correct them because I actually don't really know how to write in past tense? This fic killed me and I didn't even manage to finish it. Ughh. Curse my poor planning skills. I am also very sorry for screwing up my posting dates, but I was without internet for ten days and I just. Totally forgot to warn you and-- sdfghjk!! I am so, so sorry. :(

fic @ dreamwidth
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Title: Kingdom of Nothing
Author: aetherling
Final Tally: 10k+[WIP]
Verse: Gameverse Gen 5--post B/W1
Characters/Pairings: Black/The Extractor - N/The Mark - Bianca/The Architect - Cheren/The Point Man - Looker/The Forger - Fennel/The Chemist - Alder/The Tourist - White/The Shade
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Two established character deaths before our story starts, violence, death, "death", and a minor case of underage drinking
Summary: [Pokemon/Inception crossover] A year after the events of B/W 1, N returns to Unova bent on converting the entire region to follow his ideas of Pokemon liberation through mass inception. Alder plans a counter-inception with Black, but will the mission be completed when Black's late twin starts showing up?
Notes: Inception as played by Pokemon characters. Also I'm sorry the formatting is stupid. I owe my firstborn to whoever can tell me how to post Google Docs to the rest of the internet without the text horribly butchered. Well that only took 3 hours from my life. >:(

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8
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Title: Miles to Go
Authors: [personal profile] kuruk & [personal profile] outstretched
Artist: [personal profile] lilcrickee
Beta-Reader: [personal profile] mercoledi
Final Tally: ~22,000 word fanfic [WIP], ten fanmixes, three icons.
Verse: Games - Generations III, IV, & V.
Characters/Pairings: Green, Red, Leaf, Ethan, Pikachu, Eevee. Established Green/Leaf; other pairings develop as the story progresses.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: language, sexual situations, mild descriptions of violence.
Summary: After Red's descent from Mt. Silver, Leaf leads him, Green, and a rather unexpected tagalong on a road trip through Unova. Red is aimless, Ethan wants what he can't have, Leaf hopes for the best, and Green isn't sure where he stands anymore. WIP.

PART ONE: Chapter I | Chapter II | Chapter III | Chapter IV | Chapter V | Author/Artist Notes
Fanmix I | Fanmix II | Fanmix III | Fanmix IV | Fanmix V | Fanmix VI | Fanmix VII | Fanmix VIII | Fanmix IX | Fanmix X

Hosted at [community profile] miles_to_go
Also available on AO3 & FFnet

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Title: Every Step of the Way
Author: [personal profile] john_egbert
Wordcount: 10328
Fandom Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Characters & Pairings: F!PC, F!Partner, kid!Grovyle, mostly gen with minor F!PC/F!Partner
Summary: Years after the events of Explorers of Sky, Charizard and Meganium run a guild of their very own. But when a strange young pair shows up, asking to join the guild, some very interesting questions get raised.

There’s a Pokémon coming up over the road from Treasure Town.
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Title: Collections of Elegant Formulas
Author: [personal profile] axolotl 
Artist(s): [personal profile] pseudogeek (thanks for some beta help, too! <3)
Final Tally: 19182 words
Verse: Games, primarily gens 2/4/5, 10ish years after the events of BLW.
Characters/Pairings: Amanita, Fennel, Cynthia, Silver/trans!N/Black, Silver/Kotone, Looker, Iris, Skyla, Morty, Lance, Giovanni, Ghetsis, Shadow Triad
Rating: R
Warnings: gun violence, Pokemon violence, major character death, transphobia, implied negotiated non-monogamy
Summary: When Team Plasma returns with guns, Team Rocket figures out how to mass produce Kyurems, and the two form an alliance, Pokemon governance across all regions is disrupted. While Black teams up with his old rival and a mopey redhead from Johto to challenge them directly, a loose collection of trainers and researchers work to undo the damage caused by cloning Kyurem.
Notes: A sequel to New Game + although it can be read on its own. (Hopefully!) This story does not attempt to integrate B2/W2 canon.

Masterlist | Prologue | Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7Epilogue | Notes

Additional character portraits: Black | Julie/N | Silver
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Title: Masquerade
Author:[personal profile] rosejailmaiden 
Beta-Reader: [personal profile] nandosagi 
Final Tally: current: 18,849. This number will change once I get the final chapter or two (depending on how this turns out) posted
Verse: anime, with HG/SS gameverse Rocket executives
Characters/Pairings: Giovanni/Ariana, Petrel, Dr. Zager, Professor Sebastian, Persian
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Alcohol use and a scene of prescription drug abuse
Summary: Everyone wears a disguise at some point. Some wear it to control how the world sees them. Some wear it to hide genius. Some wear it to protect themselves. And some wear it for completely selfish reasons. A twisted tale from the past of how a master scam artist named Francis became a Team Rocket member, where everyone has their secrets, and in which Persian is hungry.

Sorta WIP, the story took on a life of its own and is taking far longer to finish than I expected. There's maybe one or two chapters left so keep an eye out for them. I can put you on a message list if you want. 

DW: Prologue+Chapter 1~Chapter 2~Chapter 3~Chapter 4~Chapter 5~Chapter 6- coming soon!
LJ: Prologue+Chapter 1~Chapter 2~Chapter 3~Chapter 4~Chapter 5~Chapter 6- coming soon! 
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First, we just want to announce for everyone's sanity, posting has been moved back again to August 20th. That way, if anyone needs more time to finish wrapping up the final details, you can have a few more days—and the weekend—to get thing in order. Posting will happen over August 20th to August 25th this year.

Second, your posting assignment has been sent to you. If you did not receive your posting assignment, it is posted under the cut. (But please let us know if you didn't get it, and I'll check what happened.)

Pokémon Big Bang Round 2 Posting Schedule )

If you cannot post on the date you were assigned due to extenuating circumstances, please email us as soon as possible! If you have signed up, sent us a master list, and don't see your name on the posting schedule, please let me know right away so I can work you into the schedule. We are still waiting to hear back from a number of participants who are MIA.

When the fics go up, please be sure to show the writers, artists, and betas plenty of love for their hard work and dedication by reading and reviewing their fics. Thank you playing, and happy Pokémon Big Bang 2012!

ETA 8/20/2012 Thanks to [personal profile] rosejailmaiden for reminding me -- please comment here or PM me if you are posting but don't have posting access right now because you're not a member of the comm. If you were a member of the comm before this and are posting this round, I've already granted you posting access.
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Hi all! Posting assignments will be sent out tonight, sorry for the delay.
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Omg are y'all serious, do we really have only six teams left in the big bang at this point? ALL ARTISTS AND WRITERS, PLEASE POST IN THE MANDATORY FINAL CHECK-IN if you haven't already, thank you!!!


This means that you have until at least August 17 to finish your pieces. GO GO GO.


1) Fill out this form:

If you don't have something (like an artist or a beta-reader), then delete the entire line.

You can link it to whatever you'd like -- another master list posted on your own LJ, FFN, AO3, we don't care. But be sure to include the coding that links to your stuff like this:

<a href="LINK URL HERE">part 1</a> | <a href="LINK URL HERE">part 2</a> | <a href="LINK URL HERE">art post</a> etc etc but make sure to include it!

2) Email it to pokeprompts@gmail.com with the title Pokemon Big Bang Masterlist. No, don't post to your LJ. The point is for us to check your coding. You have until 11:59PM EST, August 9th, 2012 to send it to us. If you get it to us after that, then it's disqualified from this round.


Any questions?
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Sorry this is late. THIS IS A MANDATORY CHECK-IN FOR ALL ARTISTS AND WRITERS. If you're still game for the big bang, you need to post here.

Please review the calendar of events.

  • By August 9, you need to e-mail your master list to us at pokeprompts@gmail.com. BUT, posting doesn't start until August 13. This means that until August 13, you are totally allowed to keep working and writing and editing. In fact, if you have a later date in the posting schedule, you could totally keep working up until your posting day, whenever that happens to be. (Part of the reason we're holding this mandatory check-in is so that we can get a feel for how many people are actually going to be posting fic this round. So if eight people total post here, theoretically you could get an extra week of grace.) However, don't count on this—you need to try your best to hit the Aug. 9/13 deadline, so you're not stressing and we're not stressing, but I just wanted to make the situation totally clear to everyone.
  • When we give out the posting assignments on August 12, unless some extreme extenuating circumstance occurs, you need to post on your assigned day, or tell us asap!! If something's wrong. Okay? Okay.
  • With that said, if you are confident that you could post your fic on August 13 if you needed to, please please please let us know that here. We need to figure out posting order, and we need to figure out who can post when. I don't want to throw people under the bus. Please don't make me do that.
  • When you submit your master list to pokeprompts@gmail.com on August 9 (earlier is, as always, okay!), please at least tell us where you plan to post your fic, and include an (at least hesitant) word count.

Word count/art progress: (hit the word limit? Finished your pieces? How much is left to do? Hopefully you're almost there!)
Could your group post on August 13: (not that you *will*, that you *could*; if the answer to this is "no," when *do* you think you could post?)
Talk to us: (This is your area to ramble. Let us know how it's going, how you're doing, if there's any way we can help, etc., etc.)

There are only three or so days left, y'all, so we've got a new thing going on this year!

Pokemon Big Bang Chat!

We're hosting a chatroom on tinychat where everyone participating in the big bang can talk to each other, cheer each other on, answer questions, and support one another through the last few days of writing and creating.

  1. Try to keep your fic a surprise! Though you shouldn't be afraid to ask specific questions about the pokemon world or ask for help thinking of what to do next in your story, try to keep your general plot under wraps if possible. (But if you slip up, it's not the end of the world.)
  2. Be excellent to each other! No drama or fighting, all right? Take it off-chat if necessary.
  3. Have fun!

I'll be in there for as much as possible over the next few days. Let's all help each other across the finish line, everyone!
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(Check in #1 was held via e-mail, for those of you playing at home.)

We're 2/3 of the way through the big bang. How is everyone doing?

Current word count:
Check In!: (how are you handling the work? What is the collaborative experience like for you? Teamwork dynamics okay? What are you worried about? What in your piece do you love? What's giving you trouble? What's changed since the last check-in? How can we help you have a better/successful/more enjoyable big bang?)

Don't forget about the venting post. It's there if you need it. And does only one team need to use the pinch-hit post :<? That closes on July 6, so post now or forever hold your peace!

Keep on keepin' on, everyone! Just about one month left until the big bang is over!
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Pinch-Hit Post

Did someone drop out of your team at the last minute, and you're looking for a replacement? Do you have empty spaces on your team that you'd like to see filled? Do you have extra time on your hands and you'd like to lend your talents to other teams in need? Then the pinch-hit post is for you.

How this works:

✗ This post is open until July 6.

Anybody can take any position. For example, if you're signed up for the big bang as a writer, but you also have art or beta-reading skills that you'd like to put to good use, then you can take on open art or beta-reading positions for other teams.

✗ Remember that the "artist" category is extremely loosely defined—graphic design, fanmixing, illustration, sculpture, etc. all count. If you have any artistic skill, there's no reason you can't use it here.

✗ A team is full when it has four members: one writer, two artists, and one beta-reader; or two writers, one artist, and one beta-reader.

✗ You don't have to post here if your team is happy as it is (or if you don't want a team at all). If you were unsuccessful in attracting attention during the match-up post, you can post here and see if you can get any new interest.

  • As a team, you should decide who's in charge of recruitment. No double ads please. :(
  • All comments you leave here should be anonymous.
  • Leave an anonymous comment using this form:

  • Please make sure your PMs are on. (Go to account settings, click on the "Privacy" tab, scroll down to "DW Private Messages," and make sure it's set to "Registered Users.")
  • Please be absolutely sure you can take on this extra work. We don't want you to burn out!
  • Browse through the ads. You can only sign up for one additional team, so choose wisely.
  • When you've made your decision, leave a SIGNED-IN comment on the ad with the subject header "ARTIST/WRITER/BETA-READER CLAIM" (depending on what applies to you).

✗ The recruiter will then send out PMs to the people who left claims to start discussing things privately. At this point you can exchange contact information (e-mails, IMs) if you wish.

✗ If, during these initial talks, it becomes clear that a match-up isn't clicking, that's fine. Just delete your claim on the story's ad. This signals that there is now a spot free for other interested parties.

Keep checking back and/or track this post to keep abreast of any changes in the advertisements or claims.

✗ Questions or comments? Please drop us a line.

Best of luck to all of you!
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Just a reminder, today (June 16th) is the last day to claim one of the stories posted up Round 1 of claims!
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2012 Match-Ups Round 1

Uh, wow. Sorry I totally got derailed by random things today, so this is only coming like, 14+ hours late.

Anyway, this didn't work out as I planned since we only got three submissions, so we're just going to do this the way it was last year. This is where writers, artists, and beta-readers find other people to work in teams with. Here's how this works:

✗ This match-up post is open until June 16. You're free to post ads and find teammates until then. This post will open at June 2 at 1PM EST.

✗ Keep in mind that a team can have no more than one writer, two artists, and one beta-reader. Less is okay.

✗ If you want to join this round, please make sure you have at least 1,000 words before you proceed.

  • If you post here, you can't back out anymore. Leaving an ad here means you're willing to have other people depend on you to do your share of the work. Don't comment until you're sure that you want to follow through with the big bang. (And if you do drop, please let us know?)

  • Similarly, you're under no obligation to post here. There's nothing wrong with wanting to work alone.

  • All comments you leave on this post should be anonymous.

  • To start, leave an anonymous comment on this post advertising your story. (It's okay if a lot of the information you have is tenuous/open to change. Just do your best.)

  • Here's a form for your convenience:
Artists and beta-readers:
  • First of all, please make sure your PMs are on. (Go to edit profile, scroll down to "Contact Info," look for "LJ User Messaging," and check if it's set to "Registered Users.")

  • Once that's done, browse through the story ads! Feel free to ask questions, if you'd like (anonymous or not, your call). You can only pick one story to work on, so choose wisely!
            ✗ This is a drama-free zone. Be excellent to each other!

  • If you decide that you want to join a team, leave a SIGNED-IN reply on the ad that uses the subject header "ARTIST/BETA-READER CLAIM" (whichever applies to you).

  • Don't feel obligated to take on a project. If nothing appeals to you, that's okay.

  • Remember this is first-come, first-serve. If you see that there are already two artists on a project or another beta-reader on a project, scroll on by.
✗ Writers will then PM the claiming artists and beta-readers to talk/plan privately. At this point you can exchange contact information (e-mail, IM, etc.) if you wish.

✗ If, during these initial talks, it becomes clear that a match-up isn't clicking, that's fine. Just delete your claim on the story's ad. This signals that there is now a spot free for other interested parties.

✗ As you can see, a lot of this is nebulous—therefore, please keep checking this post! As time goes on, new story ads may be posted, spaces may open up on stories you were interested in, and new claims may be made. Just keep looking.

✗ Questions or comments? Please drop us a line.

There are currently 15 writers, 17 artists, and 6 beta-readers.
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Just a reminder, artist and beta-reader sign-ups for this round of Pokémon Big Bang close on June 1st at 11:59PM EST (-4UTC). So get your friends signed-up if you want them to play too!

Also, here's some information about writer + artist/beta-reader match-ups.

  • Two rounds of match-ups will be held. The first round will be held on June 2nd. The second will be held on June 17th/18th, with the pinch-hit posts.

  • Everyone who wants to participate in either round of match-ups must have a word count of at least 1,000 words so far on their story. Once you have been matched with an artist or beta-reader, you are no longer allowed to drop out of the big bang (barring extenuating circumstances). Since the story only needs to be a minimum of 10,000 words, a word count of 1,000 (or 10%) ensures your commitment to actually finishing the story.

  • If you already have an artist or beta-reader in your group, for round 1, you can only recruit what you're missing. That is, if you have an artist, in this round, you can only ask for a beta-reader. If you'd prefer having two artists or two beta readers, you must wait for round 2 of claims. Remember, you may have a maximum of four people in your group, including yourself.

  • To be included for round 1 of match-ups, please email pokeprompts@gmail.com with the following information by June 1st at 11:59AM EST**:

    Subject line of email:
    Round 1 Match-up – Username

    **Please note the AM. This is 12 hours before sign-ups close

  • A post with all of the stories submitted for round one of match-ups will be posted on June 1st at 1:00PM EST, so that all beta-readers and artists may see what is up. This post will have locked comments for 24 hours until June 2st at 1:00PM EST, in which claiming will be first-come-first-serve. Once an story is claimed by an artist or beta-reader for this round, it cannot receive another claim by that category for this round.

  • Round two will occur in a similar fashion, with more details to come, except: for the first 24 hours of the round two claims, any artist or beta-reader who is already a part of one group may not not claim another story. Only after the first 24 hours can they claim another, if they feel like they can handle the work.

  • For round two, any writers who wants to fill their four-member quota completely, who didn't receive a claim in the first round, whose group had members drop out, who didn't submit in time for round 1, or who didn't meet the word count then may submit by June 16th at 11:59AM EST** to be put up initially in the claims. After the 24 grace period in which artists and beta-readers who didn't claim in the first round get their picks, other writers can comment to be added to the pinch-hit post until July 6th.

Hope that wasn't too confusing. Let me know if you have any questions! Happy writing and we look forward to seeing what y'all have up your sleeves so far.
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Writers, I hope you've started planning your fics as Pokemon Big Bang Round 2 has already begun. If you're still short on ideas, feel free to check out the prompt post or one of the memes.

Art claims will open in about a month! We'll be planning and releasing more details about how it'll work this time 'round later in the month. After we stop getting our asses kicked by finals.
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  • Today is the last day for writers to sign up for the Big Bang. The post will close at 11:59AM EST today, so please sign up while you still can!

  • This would also be a fantastic time to reblog and/or re-advertise the big bang so that we can pick up any stragglers. Thank you so much!

  • The Big Bang starts on May 3, in two days! A few notes:

    • The Prompt Post is always open (24 hours, 365 days a year) to your ideas and for claims—please make use of it!

    • Please make sure you have the Calendar of Events noted down somewhere—in your phone, in your (google) calendar, on your wall, etc. etc. These dates are important!

We have fourteen writers currently signed up, so we're off to a great start. Best of luck to all of you!
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Just a note that writers have 11 days left to sign up. Writers, your sign-ups end on May 1, so join now!

Artists and Beta-readers still have a little over a month (until June 1) to sign up.

We would also really appreciate it if you could help us advertise the big bang as well!